Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wed/Thurs (10/28-29) Update on Josh Wege

Dave Wege wrote Thursday, Oct. 29, 12:41 PM:

Hey, Dale,

Arrived safe and sound at Reagan National at 1:00 p.m.  After a quick trip over to our lodgings to drop off our luggage, we zipped over to Walter Reed to see Josh.  Of course, Josh and Joe were out and about... for two hours ... when we got to the fifth floor, Ward 57.  When the boys got back to the room, the first to see Josh was his godmother, Kathy Price.  After all of our hellos, we headed off to a family lounge, where we ordered some Chinese food delivered to the ward.  A very tiring day ended early, at about 8:00 p.m.  

This morning we were able to get going to the hospital just in time to find Josh gone to PT- physical therapy.  He came back after a grueling session, in some discomfort, but unwilling to admit it and shorten our "family time."  Finally, though, he decided to take a few more meds and rest.  We all then went to Josh and Joe's new "digs" at the Mologne House, an on-base hotel for out-patients.  Believe it or not, three and a half weeks after after being blown up by an IED, Josh is so far along that he is being given out-patient status on Friday, 10/30!
God certainly promotes healing!    

We brought along 30+ pounds of string cheese, cheese curds, and bricks,  Some was given to us by our good neighbors, the Johnsons, but the rest (10+ pounds) came directly from Baker Cheese and sister #2, Jaime.  The cheese went to the Marine Liaison office and the main desk on 5-East, where Josh spent the first two weeks of his recovery.

More news as it occurs!


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