Tuesday, April 19, 2011

State Solo Ensemble Festival 2011

The schedule was just posted today. Get it and more info at WSMAmusic.org.  Click on the ***Select School*** button and choose "FONDY WINN LUTH" to see WLA's schedule.

8:00 AM
Galske, Megan et al
6138 Mixed Show Choir
2 - Experimental Theater
9:00 AM
Moldenhauer, Daniel
7111 Piano Solo
5 - AC N125
9:04 AM
Moldenhauer, Dan
1221 Baritone or Bass Solo
23 - SW 203
9:44 AM
Adelmeyer, Libby
1311 Music Theater-Female Role
22 - SW 217
9:50 AM
Breister, Adam
7111 Piano Solo
5 - AC N125
11:12 AM
Westphal, Seth
5121 Parade Drum Solo
12 - AC S150
11:28 AM
Witte, Jonathan et al
7112 Piano Duet
18 - SW 101
11:40 AM
Pacetti, Paul et al
9118 Misc. Ensemble
14 - AC S122
11:50 AM
Shi, Shirley
7111 Piano Solo
5 - AC N125
12:52 PM
Westphal, Bethany
1111 Soprano Solo
20 - SW 126
1:10 PM
Witte, Jonathan
4111 Trumpet Solo
16 - SW 2
1:46 PM
Pacetti, Paul
5111 Concert Snare Drum Solo
12 - AC S150
1:50 PM
Witte, Jonathan
7111 Piano Solo
4 - AC N234
2:06 PM
Bilitz, Eric
5111 Concert Snare Drum Solo
12 - AC S150
2:28 PM
Giebel, Mason
1221 Baritone or Bass Solo
21 - SW 127
2:28 PM
Adelmeyer, Libby
1111 Soprano Solo
26 - SW 303
2:36 PM
Pacetti, Paul
5311 Marimba or Xylophone Solo
3 - AC N14

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Russian Hymn Festival • Apr. 10, 2011 (3:30 & 7:00 PM CDT)


1st Concert - 3:30 PM

Combined Choirs
Ghospodi, pomiluy (Lord, Have Mercy) Grigory Lvovsky

Freshman Choir
Let Thy Holy Presence Come Upon Us Pavel Tchesnokov, arr. Hal Hopson

Viking Choir
Enite ton Kyrion (Praise the Lord from the Heavens) Byzantine Kinonikon, arr. Gerald Near

WELS/ELS Mission Work in the Ukraine: Pastor Michael Weigand, Faith, Fond du Lac
Ukrainian Lutheran Church weekly blog

Traveling Choir
Credo (The Nicean Creed) Alexander Gretchaninof
Stephanie Meyer, Megan Galske, Andi Rupp, Natalie Schmidt, Lydia Mathwig,
Abby Phillips, Danielle Gieschen, and Rachel Thiesfeldt – soloists

Blagosloví, dushe moya, Ghóspoda (Bless the Lord, O My Soul) Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov

Salvation is Created Pavel Tchesnokov

Offering – Handbell Choir
There Is a Redeemer Melody Green, arr. Patricia Sanders Cota
Hosanna Carl Tuttle, arr. Patricia Sanders Cota

WELS Mission Work in Novosibirsk, Russia Pastor Mark Rohrback, Redeemer, Cedarburg
WELS Blog: Mission in Russia

Concert Band
Salvation is Created (A Chorale Prelude) Pavel Tchesnokov, arr. Frank Erickson
Cherubic Hymn and Song Dimitri Bortniansky and Alexander Archangelsky, arr. Mark Stuedemann
Slavonic Folk Suite arr. Alfred Reed

Combined Choirs
O Lord, in Prayer You Spent the Night Dimitri Bortniansky
Congregation vv. 1 and 4, Choirs vv. 2-3 ST. PETERSBURG, Christian Worship 548
Setting and Descant by Dale A. Witte