Sunday, October 5, 2014

WLA Homecoming Skit Night 2014

With all the live streaming of WLA concerts and events now being embedding into  WLA's website (look for the Videos link on the right side of the home page), I haven't been posting streams on my blog for a couple of WLA events now.  But I have gotten a number of questions about how to see the 2014 Homecoming Skit Night video, probably because it was on a Thursday this year instead of normally being on a Friday.  So, here are the video streams from Skit Night 2014.  There are two of them because, apparently, internet dropped during the live stream.  I'm not sure if that's Ustream's problem or WLA's.  That's what we get for trying to do live streaming for free, I suppose.  Click here for the 2014 Skit Night Program.
Part 1
Part 2