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Compline II: Prayer at the Close of Day Available from NPH in Christian Worship: New Service Settings OL-033024 and Christian Worship: Occasional Services OL-033028
Responsory, Prayers, Lord’s Prayer with introduction, Gospel Canticle (Song of Simeon)

10 Psalms for Compline: Ps. 4, 23, 27, 31, 34, 91a, 91b, 121, 130, 134 (cross listed under Psalms)
Good Friday Tenebrae Responses, Psalm 2 Available from NPH in Christian Worship: Occasional Services OL-033028

General Verse, Agnus Dei, Ps. 3, Ps. 96 Available from NPH in Christian Worship: Supplement

Come, Let Us Sing to the Lord (2004)
Unison, piano, flute, glockenspiel, bass guitar, & congregation
Composed for Monday morning chapel services at Winnebago Lutheran Academy in 2004, this song has become a favorite setting of mine and for the students at WLA. I wanted to write a setting of the Venite that would invite high school students to want to come into chapel on a Monday morning and sing to worship their Lord.

Service of Word and Sacrament (1997)
This setting of the liturgy was written in the summer of 1997 as a requirement of the last course I took at Concordia College, River Forest, IL (now Concordia University, Chicago), Composing for Liturgical Texts. Dr. Jonathan Stahlke was the new composition professor that summer and this was the first class I took from him.It has turned out to be one of my most beneficial classes, because it has shaped the way I think about composing music for worship.
Introit Advent 1A
I remember walking the sidewalks of CURF singing this one out. Then I'd run to the practice rooms and write down the melody I had just sung. Then I'd play out the accompaniment. The introduction is a reference to J.S. Bach's Orgelbüchlein setting of Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland (BWV 599) which I always want to play on the first Sunday in Advent to welcome in the Advent season. I especially like the Gloria patri on this setting.
Kyrie 2008
Following the pattern of the Agnus Dei (or did the Agnus Dei follow the pattern of the Kyrie?), each successive reptition of the text ascends by whole step to the next higher key. Where did I get the idea? From a Phil Collins song!
Dr. Stahlke had us compose the Gloria first because it was the piece in the liturgy which thematically joined the Agnus Dei and the Sanctus. It also stands as the musical high point of the liturgy. Look for the musical quotes of the Agnus Dei in mm. 32-38 and the Sanctus in mm. 52-57.
Psalm 122
An Anglican chant setting of Ps. 122, the Psalm of the day for Advent 1A
Agnus Dei 1
Each successive repetition of the text ascends by whole step to the next higher key. This is achieved by ending each phrase on "la", but harmonizing the chord as the dominant of the next key. If I remember correctly, this setting will be published in Christian Worship:Supplement (NPH, Summer 2008)
Preface, Proper Preface, Sanctus and Benedictus
Originally written starting in E, I have also transposed this starting in E flat for ease of use. This setting provides continuous singing from the Preface (The Lord be with you...and also with you. Lift up your hearts...etc) to the end of the Benedictus (Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.
Thank the Lord (Post-Communion Canticle)
This setting was composed on a drive from CURF to my parent's house where I was staying for the summer while working on my master's degree. I had no time to compose when I got home because I had to work on my thesis, so I put the words on my steering wheel as I drove the streets of Chicago. By the time I got home, I was able to sing the melody, which I promptly wrote down and set.

Lamb of God 2 (unison)
Composed for Christian Worship: Supplement (NPH, Summer 2008), this setting did not make the Supplement. The setting I composed in 1997 did. I still like this setting, though!

The Lord’s Prayer: Setting One (contemporary)
Composed for Compline II:Prayer at the Close of Day in July 1998, it was submitted for review, but did not make the cut. Another setting was requested by the WELS Commission on Worshipwhich was published with the Compline II liturgy.

Gospel Response: I Am Not Ashamed (Aug. 2006)
Unison, opt. SATB, opt. piano
Composed for the 2006-2007 WLA student body on the theme of the year (Rom. 1:16). It was used in chapel as a response to the devotion and the student body sang the response twice in four parts, even singing a cappella! I Am Not Ashamed became the source music for So Many Things, which was written for and performed on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for the family of Matt Koepke.

El Officio Major (2005)
El Gloria 
El Kyrie 10/7/04
El Agnus Dei 10/7/04
Good Friday Response
Missionary Tim Flunker asked me to write a simple setting some of the main songs of the liturgy for his bilingual Hispanic services in Green Bay, WI. This was a particular challenge for me because I do not speak any Spanish, so Missionary Flunker had to teach me how to speak the words of each one of these liturgical songs so that I knew how to set the accents correctly to music.

Blessed is He (Benedictus) July 2008

Create in Me (Offertory) July 2008

Verse of the Day for Home Missions (Is. 52:7) 9/30/97

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