Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Carnegie Trip 2013 Itinerary

Parents and students,

Thank you so much for coming tonight to the meeting.  Click here for the meeting agenda and itinerary.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Eric Whitacre Conducts...

Alleluia (compare with the original concert band version of Eric Whitacre's October)
Sleep - Virtual Choir 2 Recording Instructions & Conductor Track (conducting starts at 1:20)
little man in a hurry
little tree (not the best video quality)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Solo Ensemble Results - March 2, 2013 @ Mayville HS

WLA Solo Ensemble Results from today...outstanding job WLA students!

*1 Naomi Haag, Class A Piano Solo - Nocturnes, Chopin 7111A16
1 Brittany Fink, Class C Alto Solo - Danny Boy 1121C3
1 Megan Herkstroeter, Class C Piano Solo - Best of Martha Mier 7111C18
1 Jeremiah Rosenthal, Class C Trumpet Solo - A DAy in Venice 4111C10
2 Elena Tawalili, Alex Callaway, Becky Pruss, Class C SSA Trio - Rock Me to Sleep 1183C9
1 Zach Henke, Euphonium Solo, Class C Spirit Dance 4411C7
*1 Libby Adelmeyer, Class A Soprano Solo - Ridente la Calma 1111A1
*1 Erin Jacobs, Class A Soprano Solo – Pur dicesti 111AS01
*1 Erin Jacobs, Class A Music Theater - Female – Nothing 1311A7
1 Megan Herkstroeter, Alto Solo – Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen 1121C7
1 Ellie Wuenne, Alto Solo – Bist di bei mir 1121A2
2 Ellie Wuenne, Music Theater - Female, Show Me 1311A1
1 Academy Kids & AK Band, Mixed Show Choir Can You Feel the Love Tonight & You Can't Stop the Beat 6138A3
1 Emily & Abby Schulz, SS, SA, AA Duet Peace Like a River/Kum Ba Ya 1182C1
*1 Andi Franklin, Alto Solo The Cherry Tree 1121A1
*1 Andi Franklin, Music Theater - Female, Maybe This Time 1311A7
*1 Libby Adelmeyer, Music Theater - Female, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again 1311A3
*1 Mason Giebel, Tenor Solo Vergin, tutto amor 1211AS01
1 Quinn Giebel Class B Tenor solo - British Grenediers
*1 Libby Adelmeyer and August Schultz, SB duet Pie Jesu