In an effort to make it easier for my choir students to select music for the WSMA Solo Ensemble festival each year, I've made YouTube playlists of selections from each event.  Click the links below to watch and listen to representative performances of each Solo Ensemble piece.

Rehearsal files have been graciously shared by a number of teachers:

Mr. Derek McMahon, Waterford HS – WSMA Rehearsal Tracks
Mr. Sam Wulterkens, Oak Creek/Franklin Public School District – Solo and Ensemble Practice Tracks

All vocal solo ensemble pieces are chosen from the current WSMA Festival List (2015-16).

If you have more questions, please read the FAQ for Students and Parents or visit the WSMA website.

1111B - Soprano Solo
1111C - Soprano Solo
1121A - Alto Solo
1121B - Alto Solo
1121C - Alto Solo
1211A - Tenor Solo
1211B - Tenor Solo
1211C - Tenor Solo
1221A - Baritone or Bass Solo
1221B - Baritone or Bass Solo
1221C - Baritone or Bass Solo
1311A - Music Theater - Female Role (must also perform a classical solo)
1321A - Music Theater - Male Role (must also perform a classical solo)

1182A - Female Duet (SS, SA, or AA)
1182B - Female Duet
1182C - Female Duet
1282A - Male Duet (TT, TB, or BB)
1282B - Male Duet
1282C - Male Duet
1882A - Mixed Duet (ST, SB, AT, or AB)
1882B - Mixed Duet
1882C - Mixed Duet

TRIOS (Single, Double, or Triple)
1183A - Female Trio (SSA)
1183B - Female Trio
1183C - Female Trio
1283A - Male Trio (TTB)
1283B - Male Trio
1283C - Male Trio
1883A - Mixed Trio (SAB)
1883B - Mixed Trio (SAB)
1883C - Mixed Trio (SAB)

QUARTETS (Single or Double)
1184A - Girl's Quartet (SSAA)
1184B - Girl's Quartet
1184C - Girl's Quartet
1284A - Boy's Quartet (TTBB)
1284B - Boy's Quartet
1284C - Boy's Quartet
1414A - Female Barbershop Quartet
1414B - Female Barbershop Quartet
1414C - Female Barbershop Quartet
1424A - Male Barbershop Quartet
1424B - Male Barbershop Quartet
1424C - Male Barbershop Quartet
1884A- SATB Quartet
1884B- SATB Quartet
1884C- SATB Quartet

1519A - SSAA Madrigal Ensemble
1519B - SSAA Madrigal Ensemble
1519C - SSAA Madrigal Ensemble
1529A - Mixed Madrigal Ensemble
1529B - Mixed Madrigal Ensemble
1529C - Mixed Madrigal Ensemble
6138A - Mixed Show Choir

1000A - A Cappella Standard Repertoire
1000A - A Cappella
1000A - Accompanied Standard Repertoire
1000A - Accompanied
1000B - A Cappella Standard Repertoire
1000B - A Cappella
1000B - Accompanied Standard Repertoire
1000B - Accompanied
1000C - A Cappella Standard Repertoire
1000C - A Cappella
1000C - Accompanied Standard Repertoire
1000C - Accompanied

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