Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday (10/22) Update on Josh Wege

Kay Wege wrote this update this morning (10/22/09 8:42 AM):

Joe stayed with Josh when all the rest of the family returned to WI last Sunday. Never thought I'd say this, but I see God's hand here even in the fact Joe still didn't have a job.  Now he was free to stay with Josh when no one else could.

Tuesday (10/20), the surgeons were able to close Josh's left leg.  Now this week he will be doing a lot of physical therapy to regain his upper body strength for the rehab phase that is probably going to begin already next week.

Mitch Koepke, buddy since kindergarten, came out to visit on Wednesday.  Cousin Erik Peterson and sister, Jess Grede will arrive on Friday for the weekend.  I hope Josh is able to get some sleep.  Sounds like party-time!!!

Marine visitors are still arriving or calling to check up on him.  He must be one special guy, not only to us, but to his bigger Marine family.  No wonder he worries about the guys still on the "front lines."

We truly appreciate all the prayers, gifts, and donations that have been pouring in.  It really is overwhelming to see such support.  I pray that our community will continue to support all of our military for years down the road. We feel doubly blessed to have such support both spiritually and physically.  Thank you so much.

Dave and I will visit Josh over teachers' conference for another week next week.  I will let you know about his rehab.  I have recently learned about theraputic horse back riding for Wounded Warriors.  Jordyn will be thrilled about that.  Indy might like it, too.  (Indy is Jordyn's horse.  Again, I see that hand of God laying down so many pieces to bring us to today.)  God bless, America and God bless you all.

Love, Kay

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