Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thurs. (Part 2), Fri., and early Sat. Update on Josh Wege

I meant to finish transcribing a phone call I had with Dave Wege on Thursday night after going to see the WLAVarsity Soccer team beat CWC 2-1, but I had bulletins to finish designing and emailing to the churches Traveling Choir is singing at this weekend.  I got that done yesterday morning, but needed to prep for classes for the day.  After school I talked to the WLA Ladies Auxiliary about Josh's injuries and progress in the past week.  Then I drove to the Wege's house to meet up with Tony Weinberger from Computer Troubleshooters.  More about that in another article when the Weges come home.

Dave's brother, Mark, sent me pictures of Josh this morning.  Earlier this week two Marines dropped off Josh's bag and inside was his camera and pictures from Afghanistan.  Until I get more time to write, enjoy the pictures!

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