Saturday, October 17, 2009

Late Sat. morning Josh Wege Update #2

I just recieved an email from Kay Wege: (10/17 9:59 am)

Good morning friends,

It has been raining here every day now for three days.  I really need to learn the words to this song, "I'm walking in the rain, just walking in the rain."  Then I get wet and cold. . .  or something like that.

Today, we have tickets to the White House Gardens tour.  I would love to go on a warm sunny day, not while walking in the rain.  It still is not as cold here as I bet it is in Wisconsin though.  I am fine with two sweatshirts outside.  Dave only needs one.  Does that help gauge temp?

Josh, the tough guy, didn't hit his pain med button as often as he should have last night and the pain got a bit ahead of him.  He now knows that he needs to keep up with it, even when it seems tolerable.  He really had great news yesterday.  He had his fourth "wash out" yesterday.  He was unable to go into surgery until mid afternoon due to the fact that the previous patient had some slight complications.  Dave and I went into the prep area called PACU to wait with him until they were ready for him.

His right leg has progressed well and they closed the wound.  The left had to stay open for a while yet--probably next week early.  Last Wednesday, the doctors had found some dead tissue that needed to be removed, but that area looked great on Friday.  If it stays so "pretty," they will close that wound on Monday.

Nathn Gudex showed up on Friday just minutes before Josh returned from his surgery.  He hid in the bathroom, but Josh could smell that there was someone new in his room.  He called it "a different cologne," but Nathan popped his head out of the bathroom and said, "Is it called cigarrettes?"  Witz's hands flew to his head and he exclaimed, "Holy (soemthing)!"  It was awesome!!!!!  Nathan and a friend are here for the weekend, staying in the room right across from Joe.  Great deal, huh?

All Weges and Gredes fly back early tomorrow, except for Joe.  Joe's present job void turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  He will stay until Josh kicks him out.

Jess was able to tour Walter Reed Medical Center yesterday.  She was very impressed and comforted with what she saw.  Her goal is to return next weekend again to be with Josh and Joe.

God is so good.  The family had a chance to meet some more heros yesterday while Josh was gone to surgery.  The New York Fire Department sent two members to the Medical Center to visit wounded warriors. They spent about an hour with us shooting the breeze and telling us about the progress made on the World Trade Centers.  We told them about our Carnegie trips.  Their fire stations is the one directly across from the Trade towers.  It now fronts a bronze plate with pictures and names of those heros on 9/11.  Both people to whom we spoke had been involved in the rescue efforts of 9/11.  The gentleman was from Brooklyn. Loved to hear him speak!  Totally Brooklyn.  It was great.  They left Josh with a T-shirt and two patches of fallen heros of that day.  Inspiring story.  They love America, too.

Josh has been able to speak with his fire team (group of four guys who bunk together) on the phone and some of his officers who have called.  Guys from Lejeune have called and have collected some cash to come visit and buy Josh his PS3!  Unfortunately, Dave and Joe already bought Josh one.  Guess they guys will need to buy more controllers and games.

I see that Josh has touched many lives very personally.  I am so proud of this boy and thank God for giving him to me, to us.  Words cannot express what my heart feels.  All I can say is God is sooo good.

Wear red on Fridays, support our troops, wear your faith on your sleeve, your forehead, your life, and love all those around you.  Know that God truly has a plan for you (Jer. 29:11).  Let go and let God.  Love to all, Kay Wege

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  1. You have a great family Josh. Truly a gift from God. I will see you Wednesday!!!