Saturday, October 17, 2009

Late morning Sat. Josh Wege update #1

Dave Wege wrote to me this morning:

Josh had a really good night. He came back from surgery pumped up like a rock star. Then he went all alert and said, "Someone else is here, someone new." To me, it was evidence of the warrior Marine whose sixth sense picked up a change in the environment. It turns out Josh was right. A few seconds later Nathan Gudex popped out of his hiding place. Andrews Meyers, also a Marine, made his hellos. Uncle Mark came from behind the group. Josh ate, really ate, for the first time. He even chawed down part of a nice steak.

Kay and I return to WI tomorrow. Got a lot to do with end of quarter and grades due. It will be a nice routine to come back to, but then we head out again on the 28th. Josh has made so much progress, I can't wait to see him after ten days away. Drama is staying behind as family "eyes on, hands on" to help however he can.

Cory Mathes is doing well also. I got to see his legs today. Huge zippers from ankle to knee. Awesome young man.

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