Thursday, October 8, 2009

Update on Josh Wege (10/8/09)

Update on Lance Corporal Joshua Wege (pictured with his sister, Jaime), 2008 graduate of WLA, from his mother, Kay Wege, instructor at WLA:

Josh arrived at Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany on Wednesday, October 7.  On the morning of October 8, he was taken into surgery to reevaluate the healing of the amputations, and then later he underwent various routine tests to check his stamina and overall health.  His wounds are healing well and his stamina is good enough that Landstuhl would like to send Josh back to Bethesda, Maryland, on Friday, October 9.  (Originally, I was told that this type of surgery generally requires seven to ten days of recuperation before a soldier is allowed to return to the States.) Praise the Lord; to God be the glory.

The Wege family is so grateful for all the prayers and the spiritual support of friends, acquaintances, and other brothers and sisters in Christ from across the continents.  “The peace that passes all understanding.” I now literally feel.  What an awesome support group!!! Knowing that so many people care and that God will do what is best for us and His Kingdom is such a comfort and provides so much strength.  Josh has the best care possible, humanly and spiritually.

May God truly bless you all as richly as you have blessed our lives.

Kay Wege

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