Monday, November 2, 2009

I Don't Know What to Say

CNN rates church musician 5th most stressful job

"You may not think of people who plan, direct and conduct performances for religious services as being under a particularly high amount of stress. But they also choose the appropriate psalm or hymn for every wedding and funeral -- only some of the most important events in a family's life. And those stressful situations can create some demanding clients.

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  1. According to the article...

    * 71% of ministers say their job is stressful.

    * 67% of church musicians say their job is stressful.

    * 65% of high school teachers say their job is stressful.

    By correlation, would 132% of church musicians who are also high school teachers say their job is stressful? ;)

    138% of church musicians who also serve a pastorate might say their job is stressful (this pastor is usually in a congregation with 2 or more pastors, but the he is a pastor none-the-less).

    Then we have the old-school pastor who serves as sole pastor of a parish and teaches in a school at the same time. 136%.

    Rare, but possible, a pastor could serve all three positions. Most definitely 203% of these people would say their job is stressful.

    As you can see, math was one of my fortes back in the day! hehe