Monday, November 16, 2009

Brother to Brother

Many of us wonder how far we would go to help someone in need. We might even suggest that we would be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save another life. As Christians, we certainly hope we would follow Christ's example like the Shepherd who laid down His life for His sheep. By this time we are all aware of the deep love Josh Wege has for his country. He signed on the dotted line, as someone once said, payable up to and including his life, when he became a Marine.

Would you, however, put your entire life on hold to help someone in need? That is perhaps the missing sideline in Marine Josh Wege's story. Josh's twin brother Joe has been with him every day since the Wege family first was able to visit Josh. First at Bethesda, then at Walter Reed, and now at the Mologne House, Joe takes care of the day-to-day details of getting Josh back on his feet. From making sure medications are on time, to running to get things for his brother, to listening when Josh needs to unload, Joe has been there. In so many ways, Joe has shown a steadfastness and patience worthy of someone far older.

Growing up, "the boys" were inseparable. Josh couldn't bare to be away from Joe. At age three and four, even the top bunk was sometimes too far away, and we would find the boys snuggled together in the bottom bunk at home. As they got older, no one could fight and argue like them, but they were also fiercely protective of one another. At WLA, Kay and I worried that their separate interests would lead them apart. God has shown us through Josh's injuries, however, that the bond between the boys is deeper than ever.

As we continue to pray for Josh's speedy recovery and the safety of all of our troops, let's also remember the sons and daughters, wives and husbands; the family left behind who also have made sacrifices. May God give them comfort during their time apart and a swift reunion with their loved ones.

Dave Wege

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