Saturday, February 2, 2008

WANTED: Boomboxes with CD players

As we get ready for district Solo/Ensemble this year, I find myself making umpteen accompaniment recordings for my students because (a) there are not enough accompanists to go around, (b) I can't take any accompaniments this year because I am the festival manager for both weekends that WLA hosts Solo/Ensemble (Mar. 1 & 8), (c) it is just more convenient for the kids to have a recording that they can always sing to and know the accompaniment will always be the same. And, frankly, (d) if you've got a portable CD player just sitting around at home and can donate it to the WLA Music Department, even if it is just until Solo/Ensemble is done (after March 8) it will same me the money and time of buying multiples. THANK YOU!

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