Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where Did You Hear a Cole Porter Song?

It's been fun to hear the reactions of students, parents, and visitors to the WLA choirs' Fall Concert this past Sunday. Some of the comments have been congratulatory ("A very nice concert!") and some have been eye-opening ("I knew every one of those songs!" "Finally, a concert of music for us old folks!"). Thank you to everyone who came and to all the students who sang so well!

One of the reasons I chose the music of Cole Porter was because I wanted the students to be able to identify his music in the soundtracks of the TV shows and the movies they they watch. While we were learning the Cole Porter medley, students kept telling me about the scene in the movie The Parent Trap when "Everytime We Say Goodbye" (Wikipedia) is played.

Now that the concert is over, students keep telling me when and where they heard a Cole Porter tune. Two I heard today were in a Friends episode ("Night and Day") and in the movie What Women Want ("I've Got you Under My Skin").

WHERE HAVE YOU HEARD COLE PORTER'S MUSIC? Please leave a comment and let me know–I'd love to hear from you!


  1. It's Delovely is found in all of Kohl's commercials for the Christmas season. It is either sung or played in the background.

  2. It's Delovely is the song playing on a Christmas commerical for Kohl's

  3. "I Got You, Under my Skin" was on "Dancing with the Stars" Round 8 which showed on 11/13/07 in the middle of the show.