Thursday, October 18, 2007

Last AK Rehearsal before the Fall Concert

AK has worked so hard since the beginning of the school year to prepare for the Fall Concert. The High School Musical medley is 9 minutes and 30 seconds long and is fully choreographed by Hannah Sugars. We had to postpone our regular Wednesday rehearsal this week because of the WLA vs. St. Mary's Springs football game at Fruth Field (we won 28-14!), so we rehearsed tonight, Thursday, Oct 18. We finally had the stage set in the choir room, the guys had their rip away warm-up sweats, and the girls had their spin out skirts.

By the time I shot this take, AK had performed the whole medley twice and had cleaned up a couple of spots. Then they got goofy...

Then it was 10 minutes to go and i was ready to let them go for the night and they begged me to do it again! I love these kids!

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  1. Dear Academy Kids,
    It's two oclock in the morning and i just got done studying for my 3 exams tomorrow. The choreography is awesome. Props to who came up with it. I wish studying for Bio was as much fun as you guys were having. The only suggestion i have is to clean up the ending a little bit. The words got a little hard to understand at the end. Yes i know your tired and maybe it was my computer or your third time doing it, but hang in there for the last couple minutes. Keep the audience interested throughout the whole piece. They will love a strong ending. Hopefully i will be able to make it to milwaukee to come and listen to you. Good luck at the Fall Concert. Remember this is your only run with an audience before the "big one" CHORAL FEST!!!!! GOOD LUCK and keep up the hard work

    Paul Heinkel