Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things I Need to Write About

Sometimes I write to...
try to organize and collect my thoughts
stir up thoughts in others
invite comments

These are just some of the topics going through my head right now.  Given 10 more minutes to think about this list, I could probably hit 20.

1. Isaiah 53:6 "every one" vs. "everyone" in Messiah Chorus No. 26 All We Like Sheep.
2. Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten (+ God is Love)
3. Is Church Music Irrelevant Muzak? (TLH 415 in a CW World)
4. Students Want Their Best to Be Posted - Is This Authenticity?
5. Hyperlinks are the Footnotes & Endnotes of the 21st Century (Teaching Digital Publishing)
6. Wireless Access in Schools and Student Laptops
7. Hope Christian School's "Scholar Ladies"
8. Teaching Hymnology and Music Theory to Lutheran High School Students
9. Training the Pre-service Music Teacher: Solo Ensemble Literature
10. A Place to Perform
11. The Hymn Project
12. The Choral Bible
13. The Band Industry is Killing Music Education. Really?
14. The Wish List
15. What does it mean to be a Lutheran Church Musician? (CW 276 - Isaiah, Mighty Seer vs. CW 195 - Holy, Holy, Holy in light of Isaiah 6)

Please forgive me for not writing about these topics, but just continuing to add to the list.  I want to get my thoughts down on each one of these topics, but helping my students prepare for Solo Ensemble, planning an upcoming Paul Manz Hymn Festival (March 21, 2010, 3:30 & 7:00 PM, at St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Fond du Lac, WI), and editing five choruses from Handel's Messiah for the upcoming WELS National Choralfest at Arizona Lutheran Academy has kept me busy.  That and the normal daily routine of teaching, directing four choirs, and spending quality time with my family while they are still awake keeps me from doing the writing that I want to do.  I'll write more when I can.