Monday, August 31, 2009

The Best Music Schools 2010

Every year InTuneMonthly Magazine publishes a list of their best music schools (well actually, this is the third year).  This year the October 2009 issue has the article on pp. 32-45

589 schools in the US and Canada have undergraduate programs in Music Education.
17 offer a Conducting major
15 offer a degree in Ethno-Musicology (6 are state schools)
72 schools have a major in Jazz Studies
117 award Bachelor's degrees in Music Management/Merchandising
227 have majors in Music Theory/Composition
533 have majors in Music - General Performance
117 have majors in Voice/Opera
553 public (state) schools have four-year programs
48 of those have degrees in Stringed Instruments
48 in Opera/Vocal performance
311 schools offer two-year Associate's degrees in music
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