Friday, April 11, 2008

WSMA Concert Festival at Mayville H.S.

The WLA Traveling Choir will perform

Gloria (Randol Alan Bass)
The King of Love (arr. Daniel Kallmann)
Witness (arr. Jack Halloran)

on Wednesday, April 16, 2008 at Mayville High School for the Wisconsin School Music Association Flyway Conference Choral Concert Festival.

Performance Times – Auditorium

8:00 Mayville Mens Choir
8:30 Horicon 6th grade
9:00 Lomira Middle School
9:30 Lomira High School
10:00 WLA Traveling Choir
10:30 Horicon 7/8th Grade
11:00 Mayville Cappella Choir

12:30 Mayville Concert Choir
1:00 Faith Lutheran Middle School
1:30 Mayville Treble Choir
2:00 Mayville Middle School Choir
2:30 Springs High School

TC will be at WLA for the first class of the day (Block 8), then change into their concert attire, board a bus, and travel to Mayville High School by 9:30 am. Warmups are 9:30-10:00. After performing at 10:00 am, we'll stay to listen to at least one choir, maybe two, before returning to WLA. It's a WSMA requirement to listen to other choirs and evaluate them at concert festival. We should be back to WLA for Block 5, but we'll probably have to catch lunch on the road.

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