Sunday, April 20, 2008

Traveling Choir at St. Marcus, Milwaukee

Today, Traveling Choir got up WAY before the sun was even thinking about shining and boarded a school bus, not for a WLA association church, but for St. Marcus Lutheran Church in Milwaukee. We were invited by their music director, Jeff Krumbein, to sing for morning services and to join in singing with their gospel choir. Even though we were singing in an inner city church in Milwaukee, the day turned out to be more of a Fond du Lac day because not only is Jeff Krumbein the director of the Fond du Lac choir Joyful Witness (formerly known as the Winnebago Lutheran Chorale), but everyone's favorite "Irish" musician and WLA grad, Joey Schumann, played bagpipes, whistles, and violin for both services as well.

The Traveling Choir sang three songs after the sermon in the first service:
Between services, we were served a huge breakfast and then rehearsed with the gospel choir for our joint piece in the second service.
The second service was video taped for Time of Grace ministries. We sang four selections before the sermon:
and joined with who we thought was the gospel choir, but ended up being the United Voices of Praise, backed by a full gospel band (piano, bass, drum set, congo, bongos, Hammond B3 organ), Joey Schumann on flute, and a special guest saxophonist.
In all the excitement of the day, I forgot to bring my camera along to take pictures of Traveling Choir singing and rehearsing. Did anyone get pictures? Please let me know or send them my way and I'll post them here. Thanks!

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  1. I love you guys. God Bless you. Jerry Kress from Stuttgart Germany!