Saturday, June 6, 2009

Flight Plans, Sightseeing Plans, and Subways

There are four times on our trip that you will have free time to explore New York City. Those four times are listed in red in the itinerary below. I want you to plan ahead what you are going to do during those four times so that you can maximize your sightseeing experiences. Figure out (1) what you want to see (2) when you are going to try to see it, (3) how you are going to get there, and (4) who is going with you.

Use the MTA NYC Subway Map and Trip Planner to get a good idea of which subway line to take and how long the ride is. Your can even print out your subway trip plans!

Use Google Maps or MapQuest to find NYC cross streets and sightseeing locations. I'll be bringing NYC guide books along on the bus if you still aren't sure what you'd like to see or where it is.

Then fill out a Flight Plan and bring it along on Wednesday. You can always change your plans. Just come with a plan. Only ONE DAY MORE before we go!!!

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