Monday, March 5, 2012

Solo Ensemble Results - March 3, 2012 @ Lomira HS

Congratulations to all the WLA who performed this past weekend for the Flyway District WSMA Solo Ensemble Festival at Lomira High School!  The asterisks by the 1's (*1 = starred first) mean those events qualified for the State Solo Ensemble Festival, April 28, 2012 at UW-Oshkosh.  A state finalist's recital will be held on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 6 PM in the WLA Choir Room for those students who will be performing at State.  The recital is free and open to the public, as is each Solo Ensemble Festival (District or State).

A second weekend of District Solo Ensemble will be held Saturday, March 10, 2012.  Look for those results a week from today.

Rating Name Ev/Class/Num Voice/Instrument
*1 Becker, Britt 2511A9 Lever Harp Solo
*1 Bilitz, Eric 5411A6 Drum Set Solo
*1 Bilitz, Eric 5111A4 Concert Snare Drum Solo
2 Butler, Et Al. 1184C1 SSAA Quartet
*1 Coleman, Kailee 3321A9 Bb Clarinet Solo
1 Coleman, Kailee & Bock, Katie 3822B1 Flute-Clarinet Duet
*1 Haag, Naomi 7111A9 Piano Solo
1 Holst, Kayla 3421B1 Eb Alto Saxophone Solo
2 Jacobs, Erin 1111AS01 Soprano Solo
*1 Jacobs, Erin 1311A2 Music Theater - Female Role
*1 Kerr, Marta 2111AS02 Violin Solo
DNA Lindsley,Hannah 4111B1 Trumpet Solo
1 Marchant, Patrick 7111A11 Piano Solo
*1 Marchant, Patrick 1221AS01 Baritone or Bass Solo
*1 Marchant, Patrick 1321A6 Music Theater - Male Role
1 Pacetti, Et Al. 5918B3 Misc. Percussion Ensemble
*1 Pacetti, Paul 5111AS06 Concert Snare Drum Solo
*1 Pacetti, Paul 5311A11 Marimba Solo
1 Pacetti, Paul & Coleman, Kailee 3822B1 Flute-Clarinet Duet
DNA Schuh, Cody 4111B1 Trumpet Solo
DNA Schuh, Cody 71111B30 Piano Solo
1 Westphal, Et Al 6138A11 Mixed Show Choir
2 Wilsmann, Laura 2111AS02 Violin Solo
1 Witte, Hannah 3121C5 Flute Solo
1 Witte, Hannah 7111C30 Piano Solo
*1 Witte, Jonathan 4911AT Misc. Brass Solo
*1 Witte, Jonathan 7111A7 Piano Solo
*1 Witte, Jonathan & Cutter, Merissa 7112A11 Piano Duet
1 Zunker, Tim 4111B1 Trumpet Solo
1 Zunker, Tim 7111C22 Piano Solo

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