Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 5 Solo Ensemble Results

Congratulations WLA Music students! What an excellent use of God's gift of your musical abilities and talents this first Solo Ensemble weekend!  There were 11 starred firsts (*1), 9 firsts (1), and seven seconds (2).  The 10 starred firsts advance to the State Solo Ensemble Music Festival at UW-Oshkosh on April 30, 2011. To see what pieces they performed, consult the WSMA Festival Music List. This weekend was mostly instrumental and piano performances. There will be a second weekend, March 12, which will be mostly vocal and piano performances.  That schedule will be posted early next week.

Results Name Event Class #
1 Bilitz, Eric Drum Set Solo 5411A2
1 Jahns, Linden Piano Solo 7111A32
2 Wilsmann, Laura Alto Solo 1121A17
2 Westphal, Bethany Music Theater-Female Role 1311A5
*1 Pacetti, Paul Marimba Solo 5311A14
1 Thiesfeldt, Rachel Piano Solo 7111A43
2 Coleman, Kailee Bb Clarinet Solo 3321A11
*1 Westphal, Bethany Soprano Solo 1111A20
*1 Westphal, Seth Parade Drum Solo 5121AS05
2 Poch, Matthew Trombone Solo 4311A8
*1 Breister, Adam Piano Solo 7111A32
1 Cutter, Merissa Piano Solo 7111A33
1 Kapellen, Megan Piano Solo 7111B25
*1 Witte, Jonathan Piano Solo 7111A36
2 Wilsmann, Laura Piano Solo 7111B1
1 Giebel, Mason and Laura Wilsmann AB Duet 1882A4
*1 Bilitz, Eric Concert Snare Drum Solo 5111A2
*1 Witte, Jonathan and Merissa Cutter Piano Duet 7112A12
1 Wilsmann, Laura Violin Solo 2111B4
*1 Moldenhauer, Daniel Piano Solo 7111A12
2 Kerr, Marta Violin Solo 2111A6
1 Goeglein, Kayla Piano Solo 7111C30
2 Rieder, Trent, Alex Buchholz and Ben Gorr Trumpet Trio 4113A8
1 Thiesfeldt, Rachel, Megan Galske, Steph Meyer and Danielle Gieschen SSAA Quartet 1184A7
*1 Pacetti, Paul and Kailee Coleman Misc. Ensemble 9118CT
*1 Witte, Jonathan Trumpet Solo 4111AS03
*1 Pacetti, Paul Concert Snare Drum Solo 5111AS02

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