Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 12 Solo Ensemble Results

God certainly has blessed WLA with wonderfully, amazingly talented music students.  Today was another example of them using their musical gifts so well!  There were seven events (*1) which advanced to State Solo Ensemble at UW-Oshkosh on April 30, nine events which were awarded 1st, and six events which earned 2nd.  Congratulations to all on their hard work!

1 Skaer, Bret Tenor Solo 1211B14
1 Moldenhauer, Dan Music Theater-Male Role 1321A5
1 Moldenhauer, Dan and Steph Meyer ST Duet 1882A1
2 Marchant, Patrick Music Theater-Male Role 1321A8
1 Haag, Naomi Piano Solo 7111A9
*1 Moldenhauer, Dan Baritone Solo 1221A3
*1 Marchant, Patrick Baritone Solo 1221AS01
2 Soto, Emily Piano Solo 7111B12
*1 Shi, Shirley Piano Solo 7111A32
1 Jacobs, Erin Soprano Solo 1111AS01
2 Petrack-Retzlaff, Britany Soprano Solo 1111B21
1 Marchant, Patrick Piano Solo 7111A20
2 Jacobs, Erin Music Theater-Female Role 1311A6
*1 Academy Kids Mixed Show Choir 6138A8
1 Franklin, Andi Music Theater-Female Role 1311A7
*1 Adelmeyer, Libby Soprano Solo 1111AS01
2 Franklin, Andi Alto Solo 1121A1
*1 Giebel, Mason Baritone Solo 1221AS01
1 Schmidt, Amber Alto Solo 1121C12
1 Rupp, Andi Alto Solo 1121A4
*1 Adelmeyer, Libby Music Theater-Female Role 1311A8
2 Schmidt, Hannah Alto Solo 1121A1

The Academy Kids are:
Soprano: Megan Galske, Abby Phillips, Steph Meyer, Libby Adelmeyer
Alto: Andi Rupp, Amy Qualmann, Merissa Cutter, Hannah Schmidt
Tenor: Dan Moldenhauer, Joey Dabringer, David Kell, Bret Skaer
Bass: John Kammueller, Kyle Mildebrandt, Josh Mose, Matt Deiderichs
AK Band: Ben Cook, Jonathan Witte, Matthew Poch, Paul Pacetti

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