Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Results from Flyway District Vocal Solo Ensemble Festival (Feb 27, 2010)

These students are amazing.  They have worked long hours on their own, squeezing in practice time between school, homework, sports, and travel to prepare to sing (and dance), not "for entertainment" but to be judged by someone they have never met and probably will never meet again.  Why?  Because they love to sing!

Those students who performed a Class A piece (the hardest on the WSMA list) and were awarded a *1 (a.k.a. "starred first") rating and have been advanced to the State Solo Ensemble Festival at UW-Oshkosh on April 24, 2010.  Those same students will also perform at WLA on Wednesday, April 21 at 6 PM in the WLA Choir room for a State Finalists Recital.

Interested in how to read the codes below?  Read WSMA's article on Festival Music Event List Numbering System. Want to figure out which piece the students sang?  Consult the 2009-2010 Festival Music List.

Class A Rating *1
*1 Boelk, Hether 1111A1 Soprano Solo
*1 Boelk, Et Al 1884A3 SATB Double Quartet
*1 Leisses, Janeen 1111A14 Soprano Solo
*1 Boerneke, Et Al 1282A9 TT, TB, BB Duet
*1 Plagenz, Et Al 1284A4 TTBB Quartet
*1 Moldenhauer, Dan 1211A4 Tenor Solo
*1 Adelmeyer, Libby 1311A7 Music Theater-Female Role
*1 Geisthardt, Et Al 6138A109 Mixed Show Choir
*1 Scharf, Charis 1121A8 Alto Solo
*1 Scharf, Et Al 1182AT SS, SA, AA Duet

Class A Rating 1
1 Klein, Ben 1211A17 Tenor Solo
1 Plagenz, Et Al 1424A5 Barbershop Quartet
1 Plagenz, Peter 1221A2 Bass Solo

Class A Rating 2
2 Marchant, Patrick 7111A14 Piano Solo
2 Halter, Laura 1311A3 Music Theater-Female Role
2 Halter, Laura 1111A11 Soprano Solo
2 Leisses, Janeen 1311A3 Music Theater-Female Role
2 Haugly, Dan 1211AS06 Tenor Solo
2 Moldenhauer, Dan 1321A2 Music Theater-Male Role
2 Adelmeyer, Libby 1111AS03 Soprano Solo
2 Haugly, Dan 1321A2 Music Theater-Male Role

Class A Rating 3
3 Adelmeyer, Et Al 1182AT SS, SA, AA Duet

Class B Rating 2
2 Petrack, Britany 1111B21 Soprano Solo

Class C Rating 1
1 Hein, Jessica 3121C1 Flute Solo

Class C Rating 2
2 Westphal, Bethany 1111C2 Soprano Solo

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