Saturday, March 2, 2013

Solo Ensemble Results - March 2, 2013 @ Mayville HS

WLA Solo Ensemble Results from today...outstanding job WLA students!

*1 Naomi Haag, Class A Piano Solo - Nocturnes, Chopin 7111A16
1 Brittany Fink, Class C Alto Solo - Danny Boy 1121C3
1 Megan Herkstroeter, Class C Piano Solo - Best of Martha Mier 7111C18
1 Jeremiah Rosenthal, Class C Trumpet Solo - A DAy in Venice 4111C10
2 Elena Tawalili, Alex Callaway, Becky Pruss, Class C SSA Trio - Rock Me to Sleep 1183C9
1 Zach Henke, Euphonium Solo, Class C Spirit Dance 4411C7
*1 Libby Adelmeyer, Class A Soprano Solo - Ridente la Calma 1111A1
*1 Erin Jacobs, Class A Soprano Solo – Pur dicesti 111AS01
*1 Erin Jacobs, Class A Music Theater - Female – Nothing 1311A7
1 Megan Herkstroeter, Alto Solo – Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen 1121C7
1 Ellie Wuenne, Alto Solo – Bist di bei mir 1121A2
2 Ellie Wuenne, Music Theater - Female, Show Me 1311A1
1 Academy Kids & AK Band, Mixed Show Choir Can You Feel the Love Tonight & You Can't Stop the Beat 6138A3
1 Emily & Abby Schulz, SS, SA, AA Duet Peace Like a River/Kum Ba Ya 1182C1
*1 Andi Franklin, Alto Solo The Cherry Tree 1121A1
*1 Andi Franklin, Music Theater - Female, Maybe This Time 1311A7
*1 Libby Adelmeyer, Music Theater - Female, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again 1311A3
*1 Mason Giebel, Tenor Solo Vergin, tutto amor 1211AS01
1 Quinn Giebel Class B Tenor solo - British Grenediers
*1 Libby Adelmeyer and August Schultz, SB duet Pie Jesu

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  1. Thanks for including the grade school kids! Great to see how many kids participated.