Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Truly Spectacular Day at State!

There are so many stories that could be told about each and every musical performance that happened yesterday at UW-Oshkosh's WSMA State Solo Ensemble Festival: the freshman who performed for their first time at State; the senior who performed for their last time; the long months of personal, intense practice and rehearsal leading up to Districts which culminated in a State performance; the countless hours of hard work which pays off in not only a personal best, but also in an exemplary soloist award; the musical and intellectual growth which showed itself from Districts to State; and the heartache of not placing 1st and knowing exactly why.

Each of these stories applies, in one way or another, to the 23 WLA events which performed yesterday at UW-Oshkosh. Even though many more stories could be told for each student and their performance, one thing showed itself over and over at State: consistent hard work showed itself in improved performances from Districts to State. These students used what God gave them, namely, their musical gifts, to glorify Him by their faithful use. Please thank God with me for these outstanding WLA students and their ratings that they received at the 2010 WSMA State Solo Ensemble Festival held at UW-Oshkosh!

Where e'er You Walk (Handel) • Tenor Solo
Daniel Moldenhauer - 1st

My New Philosophy from You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Lippa) • Music Theater-Female Role
Libby Adelmeyer - 1st

Aria con Variazoni (Handel/Fitzgerald) • Trumpet Solo
Jonathan Witte - 1st

Prayer of the Children (Bestor/Klause) • TTBB Quartet
BJ Otte, Nathan Boerneke, Peter Plagenz, Daniel Moldenhauer - 1st

Hungarian Dance No. 5 (Brahms/Quick) • Xylophone Solo
Paul Pacetti - 2nd

The Crucifixion (Samuel Barber) • Soprano Solo
Janeen Leisses - 1st

Jitterbug (Rocherolle) • Piano Duet
Merissa Cutter & Jonathan Witte - 1st

Fantasia in D Minor K. 397 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) • Piano Solo
Adam Breister - 2nd

Pie Jesu (Andrew Lloyd Webber) • SA Duet
Charis Scharf & Andi Rupp - 1st

Morceau de Concours (Edmond Missa) • Trombone Solo
Tiffany Schmidt - 2nd

A Capital Ship (arr. Van Camp) • TB Duet
Nathan Boerneke and Peter Plagenz - 1st

The Crucifixion (Samuel Barber) • Soprano Solo
Hether Boelk - 1st

Fantasia in D Minor, K. 397 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) • Piano Solo
Jonathan Witte - 2nd

Canción picaresca from El canaté (José Palomino) • Alto Solo
Charis Scharf - 1st

Sonata No. 4, mvts. 1 and 2 (G.F. Handel) • Violin Solo
Marta Kerr - 1st

Wicked Choral Highlights (Steven Schwartz, arr. Mark Brymer) • Mixed Show Choir
Academy Kids - 1st
Soprano: Beth Geisthardt, Laura Halter, Hannah Schermerhorn, Tiffany Schmidt
Alto: Charis Scharf, Lindsey Schaefer, Leslie Wochos, Rachel Carter
Tenor: Nathan Boerneke, Ben Klein, Dan Moldenhauer, Dan Haugly
Bass: Peter Plagenz, John Kammueller, Zak Stowe, BJ Otte

The Musical Snare Drummer, mvts. 4 and 5 (Keown) • Concert Snare Drum Solo
Paul Pacetti - 1st

Sonata, mvts. 1 and 2 (Halsey Stevens) • Trumpet Solo
Charis Scharf - 1st

Six Consolations S. 172, No. 3 (Franz Liszt) • Piano Solo
Daniel Moldenhauer - 1st

Recital Suite for Solo Snare Drum, mvt. 3 (Schinstine) • Concert Snare Drum Solo
Seth Westphal - 1st

Eli Jenkins’ Prayer (Krunnfusz) • SATB Double Quartet
Charis Scharf, Heather Boelk, Kelly Helsel,Steph Meyer, Nathan Boerneke, Eric Wiechman, Peter Plagenz, Daniel Moldenhauer - 1st

Crash Landing (Hurley) • Parade Snare Drum Solo
Seth Westphal - 1st (Exemplary Soloist Award)

Fiddle Faddle (Leroy Anderson) • Piano Duet
Charis Scharf and Daniel Moldenhauer - 1st


  1. I should add one more comment: all the vocal events got a 1st! That is the first time in my 17 years at WLA that that happened!

  2. Rooky commentator! (ME) Congratulations to all! WOW! What a fantastic day! God surely has blessed our kids with wonderful gifts! Congrats Dale too...all 17! AMAZING!
    Will there be a 'recital' at WLA like last year or did I miss it already!
    God's blessings!