Monday, February 22, 2010

Flyway District Vocal Solo/Ensemble Schedule

Horicon High School is hosting the Flyway District Vocal Solo/Ensemble Festival on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010 (Google Maps & Directions). More information and a schedule of the entire day can be found on the Horicon High School website.

The entries listed below are only the vocal entries from WLA.  Band students and piano students will perform on March 6. The site number refers to the room in Horicon High School where that event will be judged.  See the information table at Horicon HS for that information when you get there. Parents and friends are welcome to watch the performances as long as there is enough room in the classrooms where they are being performed.  Ev/Class/Num refers to the particular song or piece the student is performing. You can look up those songs on the WSMA Festival Music list.

Students who receive a starred 1st rating will be advanced to the Wisconsin School Music Association State Solo/Ensemble Festival at UW-Oshkosh on Apr. 24. WLA will preview those performances on Wednesday, Apr. 21 at 6 PM with a State Finalists Recital in the WLA Choir Room. Of special interest that night will be a number of WLA students who have been composing their own music and will perform some of their selections for the audience along with the state finalists.

SATURDAY, FEB. 27, 2010
WLA Vocal Schedule

Site Time Name Code Ev/Class/Num

1 8:00 Hein, Jessica WLA 3121C1 Flute Solo
6 8:00 Marchant, Patrick WLA 7111A14 Piano Solo
1 8:08 Boelk, Et Al WLA 1884A3 SATB Quartet, Double Quartet
4 9:20 Boerneke, Et Al WLA 1282A9 TT, TB, BB Duet
4 9:28 Plagenz, Et Al WLA 1424A5 Barbershop Quartet
4 9:36 Plagenz, Peter WLA 1221A2 Baritone or Bass Solo
2 9:40 Westphal, Bethany WLA 1111C2 Soprano Solo
4 9:44 Moldenhauer, Dan WLA 1321A2 Music Theater-Male Role
4 9:52 Scharf, Charis WLA 1121A8 Alto Solo
4 10:10 Adelmeyer, Libby WLA 1311A7 Music Theater-Female Role
6 10:20 Scharf, Et Al WLA 1182AT SS, SA, AA Duet
5 10:24 Klein, Ben WLA 1211A17 Tenor Solo
4 10:26 Haugly, Dan WLA 1321A2 Music Theater-Male Role
5 10:32 Leisses, Janeen WLA 1311A3 Music Theater-Female Role
1 10:34 Plagenz, Et Al WLA 1284A4 TTBB Quartet, Double Quartet
4 10:34 Orvis, Rochelle WLA 1121A3 Alto Solo
6 10:34 Adelmeyer, Et Al WLA 1182AT SS, SA, AA Duet
5 10:40 Halter, Laura WLA 1311A3 Music Theater-Female Role
6 10:42 Petrack, Britany WLA 1111B21 Soprano Solo
3 11:20 Leisses, Janeen WLA 1111A14 Soprano Solo
3 11:44 Adelmeyer, Libby WLA 1111AS03 Soprano Solo
2 12:44 Geisthardt, Et Al WLA 6138A109 Mixed Show Choir
1 1:34 Boelk, Hether WLA 1111A1 Soprano Solo
5 1:48 Haugly, Dan WLA 1211AS06 Tenor Solo
5 1:56 Moldenhauer, Dan WLA 1211A4 Tenor Solo
1 2:14 Halter, Laura WLA 1111A3 Soprano Solo

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