Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Final Choir/Brass Rehearsal Schedule for 1st Dobogai Memorial Run

All three WLA Choirs have been preparing during their choir rehearsals for the last week and a half to sing the National Anthem from Superbowl XXXIX to open the 1st Annual Derek Dobogai Memorial Run on Saturday, Sep. 5, 2009.  The final rehearsal schedule and details are as follows:

Thursday (9/3) 7:30 AM choir rehearsal in the WLA Choir Room
Friday (9/4) 7:30 AM choir/brass rehearsal outside.
Saturday (9/5) 7:30 AM warmups outside.  8:25 AM performance.

Students should wear their WLA Winnie Lu Blue Crew t-shirts, WLA sweatshirts, WLA game jerseys, or any other blue and white WLA Viking apparel for the performance. This is NOT a dress up affair.  We will NOT be wearing concert black and whites.

Soccer and Volleyball players are excused from this performance because of their tournaments on that day.  If a choir student cannot make this performance because of previous family plans, please send a note signed by mom or dad to me ASAP explaining why.  Missing will NOT count against the student's grade unless they are not excused by written note before the performance.

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