Saturday, January 19, 2008

Traveling Choir Triple Header Weekend!

This coming weekend is unique in the TC schedule because one of the churches in the WLA association only has services on Saturday nights: St. Luke's, Knowles. Where is Knowles?

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(8:43 PM, 1/19) Ok, problem. The bus tonight had no heat. Not only no heat, but no defrost and no fans. We only found that out after driving about five minutes from WLA. The drive to Knowles was cold, but bearable. It wasn't until we were at Lomira that it got reall cold in the bus. After dropping us off at church, Pastor Putz helped Traveling Choir out big time––he drove the bus with no heat back to WLA and came back to Knowles with the school's nine passenger van. He also worked out car pooling with Otte's and Pastor Kenagy to get the 20 TC students back to WLA in heat.

As it turned out, there were more than enough rides back to Fond du Lac for the kids. Then van was comfortably full on the way back, and everybody had rides and were warm. Thanks Pastor Putz!

SO....THERE WILL BE NO BUS ON SUNDAY FOR TRAVELING CHOIR. All students are to drive to St. John's, Lomira on their own. If anyone doesn't have a ride, I will be driving the school van down to Lomira with the piano. You can catch a ride with me at 6:30 am from WLA.

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