Tuesday, November 6, 2007


This is an interesting idea...

Can you write a hymn text (i.e. sacred poetry in a regular meter) about false doctrine? If you can, and it is the winning entry picked by a panel of judges, you could win $300!

The purpose of the HYMNWRITERCHALLENGE contest is to "develop new hymn texts on Bible teachings not typically found in hymns in our WELS hymnal."
"The theme for the contest is false doctrine; we would like a hymn text that teaches these two contrasting truths:
  1. Even the "smallest" false doctrine is a great danger to a person's saving faith.
  2. Even churches that tolerate plenty of false doctrine can bring people to saving faith through the gospel of Christ."
The contest runs from October 8 - December 14, 2007. Only hymn poetry should be entered, no melodies. See the HYMNWRITERCHALLENGE website for a contest entry form and additional references to help you get started.

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